AC & Heating Installation

a/c and heat installation
a/c and heat installation

Now Is the Right Time for AC & Heating Installation


Sudden noises or problems with the airflow are signs that tell you something is wrong with your system. Galloway Heat & Air is committed to providing expert and reliable AC & Heating installation services in Hot Springs.

We have well-trained staff who are experts at recognizing the subtle and early signs of equipment failure. Therefore, if you’re experiencing any issues such as unusual noises, reduced airflow, high energy bills, etc., with your air conditioning or heating system, contact us to help solve the problem. Check out all our HVAC Services here.

 AC & Heating Installation is

Quick and Easy!

You won’t have to worry about a lengthy and complicated installation process when you have us by your side. Our expert technicians have the skill and required knowledge to complete repairs on the day of service. They are licensed and insured and are guaranteed to get the job done efficiently.

a/c and heat installation

Our HVAC Installation Process


AC & Heating installation is a complex process that involves a number of steps. Firstly, the HVAC technician will assess the property to determine the size and type of air conditioning unit required for the space. Depending on how much space is available, they may need to make adjustments or changes to existing ductwork and vents in order to properly fit the new unit(s).

Next, technicians will consider existing electrical wiring and gas lines in the area where the AC or heating unit will be installed. If any alterations need to be made, this should be done before moving forward with installing the unit. In some cases, permits may also be needed from local government agencies before any work can begin.

The actual installation process includes securing mounting brackets into walls or ceilings depending on the type of unit being installed, connecting all necessary ductwork, plumbing pipes and wiring, testing all components for proper operation, adding extra insulation as needed and sealing any gaps that could result in energy loss. The technician will then connect it to your thermostat before charging it with refrigerant and running tests to ensure everything is working correctly and efficiently.

Finally, once all work has been completed and tested thoroughly by an experienced HVAC technician, you should receive maintenance tips on how best to keep your system operating at peak performance levels over time. Some additional services such as filter replacement or duct cleaning may also be recommended depending upon your individual needs. With regular servicing and maintenance of your AC & heating system, you can extend its life expectancy significantly while also saving money on energy bills!

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